Why am I doing this?

My husband has been telling me for a while that I need to consider keeping a blog about my adventure into growing produce for our family.  He said it would be a way to help me keep up with what I was doing in the garden and (hopefully) help people like me in the process.  But I was dragging my feet because the nagging question wouldn’t let me go … Continue reading


Happy Birthday

To my beautiful wife,

As you have embarked on this journey of urban gardening I see your excitement and want you to have a place to share and record it. I hope you will enjoy documenting your thoughts and discoveries during this process. It’s great to see you so excited about this and especially the excitement that you share with the kids. I unfortunately am terrible at blogging but hope that you can turn this site into an extension of your fulfillment in the garden. I will avoid getting too cheesy or mushy here but I love you and love what you are steering our family towards. Healthy and diverse eating as well as an appreciation for both the beauty and effort in getting our food is a great gift that you can give the kids and me. You are amazing and will always have my support in this and all your endeavors.

I’ll love you forever,