Garden Update 10/17/14

The cool is starting to feel cold in the mornings and evenings a touch too fast this year.  But the garden is still fighting the good fight despite the all too quickly turning seasons.


Seedling sadness and who's been digging in my garden?!?

Seedling sadness and who’s been digging in my garden?!?

Confession time – my back to school garden abuse absolutely killed some of my seedling.  Le sigh!  That and I think my not saying hello to my garden 2 times a day (like before) has given the squirrels a bit too much confidence.  I guess I tell you this because I have SO many people tell me that they “wish they could garden like me” … and the reality is, I screw up all the time.  I just decided that this time, I wasn’t going to let mistakes defeat me or keep me from growing forward!  Gardens want to persevere in the face of any adversity you or Mother Nature dish out.  I probably doesn’t help anything either that many of these seeds are from 3 years ago when I thought I would try gardening the first time and totally flopped.  But the older seeds are finally getting used up which means out with the old and in with the new.


A pocket full of peas!

A pocket full of peas!

In spite of the operator errors taking place this Fall, the kale, radishes, yardlong beans and snow peas are giving a good show.  The snow peas are giving roughly 30-40 pods every few days … which delights my eldest child to no end.  Some day I’ll grow enough that I too will get to eat peas that I grow.  In the mean time, her fervor for garden fresh snow and sugar snap peas warms my heart.  The asparagus yardlong beans are also super rapid growers, and a really bang for your buck too.  I mean size wise, one beans is equivalent to 3-4 more normal size green beans.  So 30 asparagus yardlong beans FILLS a 1 gallon size ziplock bag.  Not too shabby.


I know it's ridiculous to be scared of throwing out my okra!

I know it’s ridiculous to be scared of throwing out my okra!

Okay this might sound silly … but I have read some articles lately about people being detained by SWAT and police over okra plants.  If you’ve grown okra, you’ll know it has pointed leaves that apparently some less than savvy DEA can’t distinguish between it and marijuana leaves.  Counting to 5 points (for orka) or 7 points (for marijuana) is apparently too hard for some people.  So now I (probably stupidly) have a pile of pulled okra plants hiding towards the back of my garden that are so thick that I know they won’t be easy to chop and bag, nor would they go easily into my compost.  I realize this is very ridiculous and I hope you will enjoy a laugh at me.


oh so green

We are seeing green currently: okra, snow peas and green beans, Oh MY!

  • Asparagus yardlong beans: 40
  • Chives: 1
  • Okra: 38
  • Parsnips: 4
  • Snow peas: 141
  • Peppers: 2 purple, 4 red
  • Fire & Ice radishes: 7 radishes, 3 tops
  • Granny Cantrell Tomato: 3 ripe
  • Pineapple Tomato: 3 green



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