We fell into Fall!

Nothing announces the arrival of Fall better than going from 80 weather to 43 degree windchill, overnight.  Gotta love that Atlanta weather!  And as Mother Nature brought Fall in last night, she huffed and puffed blew my okra down!

Okra down!

Okra down!

My tall 4 yr old next to my biggest okra.

Just to reiterate the height of the okra, here is my tall 4 yr old holding it up.

It’s very interesting to see how the plants react to a quick shift in the weather like this.  The peas, radishes and kale are standing so tall (for seedlings) and relieved by this cool weather; on the other hand, the peppers and okra, with their suddenly curled leaves, look like they wish they could pick up roots and walk away to warmer climes.

Oh well, Welcome Fall!  Glad you are here.  I know we have a few more warmer days coming yet, but I’m pretty sure with the toppling of my okra will come the end of all my summer crops.  As we’ve eaten a lot of home grown veggies this summer, and learned even more from them, I’m okay with this transition.  Happy Fall to you all!


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