Pickled this…don’t do that!

We all make mistakes and I think it’s important to be honest about that, otherwise how will any of us learn?  So during one of our pickle adventures, we had some leftover watermelon radishes in the fridge and decided to give pickling radishes a go.  I’m going to cut to the chase and let you know that this was a horrific flop (in case you couldn’t tell already).  I’m not sure if it was the radishes or the recipe … but something went badly wrong for our taste.

With color, like this, they have to taste good, right? WRONG!

With color, like this, they have to taste good, right? WRONG!

I didn’t want to use the same base as my pickles, so I did a bit of poking around and came across this recipe.  It had basic ingredients that were in my pantry so we gave it a go.  Now right off the bat, it called for 1 bunch of radishes thinly sliced.  And by looking at the picture, they used lovely small spring radishes.  We however are using watermelon radishes which are a type of winter radish.  Apparently they can get quite spicy and earthy if grown in the summer heat … and that is exactly what they did since I planted them late.  But that was fine on salads, so we used them.  We had enough for four 8 oz jelly jars of these pickled radishes.

Sliced watermelon radishes, a feast for the eyes!

Sliced watermelon radishes, a feast for the eyes!

We made 2 of the jars using the McCormick pickling spice that we used to make our pickles and 2 without.  And then we processed them in a water bath for 10 min per this recipe.  I wanted to keep my fridge space freed up and guarantee that these radishes would be shelf stable.  Holy GIANT FAIL!  Again, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the one that used watermelon radishes and decided on a water bath.  This could be all my fault.  But these were a bit like sauerkraut run amuck.  Just opening the jar filled the room with an intense rotten apple cider vinegar pungency that might possibly be capable of peeling paint off the walls.

Such color!

Jar on the right had the added pickling spice.

I’m so sad because these are stunningly beautiful.  I will be the first to admit that I loath sauerkraut, so maybe these are the best thing ever if you do.  I’m not willing to totally throw in the towel on pickled radishes in the future.  We are going to grow some French breakfast style radishes this fall as well as the watermelon radishes.  So it could be the type of radish or the temperature outside could make a huge difference in the outcome of a pickled radish.  I will admit that the Sweet Riesling Pickled Radish recipe definitely seems like it had potential to me.  Maybe we will give that a go because I’m not sure our poor taste buds can handle stanky apple cider vinegar pickled anything again.

Do you have a pickled radish recipe you want to hook me up with?  That would be awesome!  Also, taking other pickle or pickled veggie recipes if you’ve got ’em!


2 thoughts on “Pickled this…don’t do that!

  1. Well, at least they’re beautiful! Thanks for sharing your missteps as well as your successes. Sometimes (OK, almost always) we learn more from failure than triumph.

    • I appreciate that. We are raised in a society that makes it very hard and uncomfortable to admit the mistakes. But my science education has taught me that we can indeed learn as much if not more from failure than from success. I do think this was genuinely a misstep using the winter radishes that saw some time growing in the high summer heat of the South. Combine it with water bathing them AND us not loving apple cider vinegar to begin with and we got a whopper of a bomb. I kinda want someone else to try them, but the funk was so stinky I don’t even want to open the jars again. C’est la vie!

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