Garden Update 7/20/14

Wow! It has been a busy 2 weeks since my last update!  Losing plants, pulling plants, final harvests, beginning of harvests, lessons in canning.  Whew!  Let’s get to it.


flowering 7:20

  1. The one new thing we have (and it’s sort of a cheat for this category) is the broccoli is forming its little flowers.  Granted, this is what we will harvest eventually.  And you don’t want it to actually flower or it is too late for eating it.  But for now, and especially given how decimated they got from cabbage worms (see below), its nice and heartening to see them trying to make flowers.
  2. It has also been exciting to see bell peppers flowering again.  I think the first time I tried growing peppers years ago, I left them on so long in hopes of them turning colors that I ultimately stunted the plant production.  This year we are happily accepting green peppers and then letting them make more flowers that we will hopefully get to turn all the beautiful colors.


fruiting 7:20

With the heat of the summer comes vigorous production from summer crops.

  1. We have 2 watermelon growing.  One is  about size and weight of a baseball while the other is more the size of a large marble.  They are trellised and I might put a sling on them soon to help support.
  2. While the Amelia and Roma tomatoes have been ripening for a month, my Pineapple and Granny Cantrell monster tomatoes just are starting to turn.  I’m bringing these ripening ones in just short of fully ripe because I don’t want to risk losing them to a hungry critter.
  3. While we have been harvesting green and purple peppers, we do have one orange pepper and one red that are trying to change colors.  I can’t wait … even though I probably won’t get a taste with the pepper monsters in this house.
  4. We have at least 5-6 Butternut squash growing between our 2 plants.  This is currently one of the larger ones.


ugly 7:20


  1. This corn was from my first pot of corn.  And as I have mentioned before, we had a major pollination failure.  Given that the male and female flowers came out at drastically different times (at least 2 weeks apart) this was in no way shocking.  We have another pot that I’ve still got my fingers crossed on.
  2. I have squash bugs (not to be confused with the squash beetle that is ladybug-esque) that are nibbling away at my plant.  I’m able to pick them off for the most part and the plants are still producing fine.  But they are nibbling never the less
  3. This was my sad wilted zucchini before it lost its battle with the squash vine borer.  I still mourn the squash and zucchini.
  4. Oh my poor poor broccoli.  In the picture at the top, you can see it starting to produce, but its hasn’t been without a serious battle against caterpillars.


harvest 7:20


I think the gardening color explosion for getting the attention of my children is definitely starting to kick in.  Current harvest counts are always available on the Harvest Counter, but since the last garden update, we have gotten:

  • Chioggia beets: 4 tops, 3 roots
  • red beets: 2 tops, 2 roots
  • carrots: 3 white, 4 red, 9 yellow
  • chives: 1 bunch
  • cucumbers: 18
  • green beans: 13
  • lettuce: 6 side salads
  • okra: 8
  • bell peppers: 3 green, 1 orange
  • radishes: 8
  • summer squash: 2
  • swiss chard: 8 leaves
  • Amelia Tomato: 3 ripe
  • Granny Cantrell tomato: 1 ripe
  • roma tomato: 4 ripe
  • pineapple tomato: 2 ripe
  • zucchini: 2

pep&flowerHope you all are enjoying something fresh and beautiful in the full swing of summer!


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